4 Reasons Why House of Troy Lamps are the Best for Your Home

If you are a little concerned about the lighting pattern in your bedroom, adding a duo of lamps, one on either end serves as a fanciful tactic to complement your bed with something decorative & useful. Lamps & lights are an indispensable fragment of your rooms, and House of Troy brings to you lamps that are the best for your abodes. A wide variety of brilliantly crafted lamps; suffused with quite a few design features are just the thing you are looking for!


Beauty with utility: Bring home the vibrant effect through House of Troy lamps that offer chic indoor lighting options. The sleek ones are nearly perfect for the study table, countryside design inspirations – add a rustic charm to your rooms; you can opt for light dimmers to serve as reading lights for your bedside. A long & sleek, modish floor lamp adorned with a contemporary take of traditional motifs, glorifies any dull corner of your living rooms. Without covering much space, the decorative lamps with small base, can be easily accommodated at any space, especially for festive occasions! You can fashion a picture-perfect setting for your room while flaunting your refined taste & sophisticated choice among your guests.

House of Troy Lamps speaks oodles about your refined tastes: Sophisticated yet elegant, each of these creates a sophisticated aura around. This must have accessory, top-up the surrounds with an air of classiness & shimmering glory. Minute detailing & thoughtful design planning of the lamp makes them a stunner! Enthused by various design motifs and beautiful inspirations, these flawless sleek art pieces are a perfect option to brighten the side-tables and bed corners. Gleaming & graceful, these beautiful grand piano lamp, table and floor lamps are sure to fetch you compliments. Not at all time-taking, just by placing House of Troy floor lamps, at the right place makes your living spaces much more interesting! Without much a-do, this easy add-on but they speak volumes about your personality.

Amp up your interiors: Endless variety of contemporary, traditional, rustic, modern, chic and trendy table & floor lamps, the impeccably crafted beautiful collection, mesmerizingly blends with the atmosphere around. Lighting solution that are considerately intended to catch your attention! The fine assortment of these modern pieces of art, available in varied hues, shapes, textures and patterns harmoniously merge with you décor shades. Not taking the center stage or becoming the focal point; lamps help in bringing the center of attraction under spotlight.  The play of light of colors & textures makes sure that your interiors never go un-noticed! Subtle sheen for your living rooms, warm palette for bed rooms, funky & colorful for the kids’ room etc., whether you’re cherry-picking a floor lamp or a table lamp, House of Troy is sure to pay attention to your interests. Try to match the room’s accent colors for a more lively impression, but don’t limit yourself; contrasts are another method to render your home a strikingly rich look.

Chic statement pieces offering a couture-like appeal: Draped in various fabrics, shades, textures and materials, the House of Troy lamps are superior with exceptional quality specifications.  Sensuous crimson, tangy tangerine, bright yellow or glossy golden, each color & style adds a dynamic parameter to your interiors. Available in glossy or matte finishes, carved with intricate detailing or chunky motifs and in color variants to match-up with your style. These statement pieces featuring geometric shapes and other eccentric motifs adorned with contemporary styling, range from casual kitsch to sophisticated modern master-pieces. These lamps play a very subtle role; they amp up your interiors without directly interfering with other décor elements & interior settings.