Art Lamps – How to Select the Right Art Lamps

The places where art lamp works fantastic are entryway, hallway, living room etc. They are mainly used to highlight various kinds of artworks, ranging from portrait, pictures, canvas, oil painting, types of sculptures, immediately above the piece of artwork in right angles to maximize their articulateness. Whether used in homes, museums, or commercial place, the effect of lighting can bring dramatic change in the entire ambiance, which is why choosing the most appropriate lamp with appropriate features and their accurate positioning is vital. So, how to go about to choose the right art lamps. Let’s have a look.

Points to Consider for Selecting the Right Art Lamp

The Size of the Artwork

Even though, there is no exact thumb rule to choose the size of an art lamp, since the types of artworks vary, so, in this manner, you need to follow certain guidelines. If it’s a landscape picture, look for art lamps sizing 50% to 70% of the image width excluding the frame. For portrait, ideal picture light size should be half of its length devoid of the frame. In general rule, the larger an artwork is, it needs more lights which should be properly dispersed to illuminate it. For oil painting however, illumination might be tricky since its shadowlike highlights get exposed once the light is directed on the picture. The best choice for oil painting is extended source of LED light, while depending on the need, you can go by number or extend of the light.


As you search online art lamp, you will find profuse varieties in terms of styles, designs, colors, and operational features. Even if, the core intend of buying the art lamp is illuminating a great portrait or classic oil paint, essentially, while choosing the type of lamp, you need to consider a series of factors such as the style of your home; traditional or modern, the wall color as well as the accessories of the surrounding.

 Wall-Mounted

As its name implies, the type of light is wall-mounted and needs to be attached to the wall closer to the picture to be illuminated. To attain the most of your picture as well as lamp, consider the space midst the top of the image and the ceiling. Popular types are wall-mounted track lights, spotlight bars.

 Ceiling-Mounted

Use of ceiling mounted makes best sense as you’re intended to focus on an artwork hanging on the wall and close to the ceiling. Ceiling mounted art illuminating fixtures can be found in recessed models aside from ceiling mounted spotlights or slim line track lights.

 Clamp on Lamps

Clamp on picture lamps is one of the demanding choice which looks great, easy to install and economic. Mostly, clamp lamps remain attached to the upper part, lower part of border of the artwork itself while its arc comes out on the top of the picture and holds the lamps in great casings.

 Freestanding Lamps

If you need an easier solution with flexibility to move the work of art from one place to other, freestanding art lamp is a perfect choice for you. With freestanding, you simply don’t need to take the hassle of hiring electricians/ plumbers for installing the light on the wall or ceiling.


Obviously matters significantly when it comes to your art lamp as it requires to be matched with the picture frame, wall shade, and color of other accessories nearby. The popular most color choices are black, brass, gold, bronze, and silver.

Types of Lighting Bulbs

LED: Led based art lamps are widely demanding choice due to its law power consumption, longevity, whitish lighting and because they don’t emit much heat which is harmful for artworks.

Halogen: ideally great for people looking for sharp, bright, white lighting sources for lighting work of arts. However, mind well that since halogen lamps produce hotness, and without proper positioning they can harm the picture.

Incandescent: A standard choice that offers warmer and yellowish light like candle bulbs.