Art Lamps – How to Select the Right Art Lamps

The places where art lamp works fantastic are entryway, hallway, living room etc. They are mainly used to highlight various kinds of artworks, ranging from portrait, pictures, canvas, oil painting, types of sculptures, immediately above the piece of artwork in right angles to maximize their articulateness. Whether used in homes, museums, or commercial place, the effect of lighting can bring dramatic change in the entire ambiance, which is why choosing the most appropriate lamp with appropriate features and their accurate positioning is vital. So, how to go about to choose the right art lamps. Let’s have a look.

Points to Consider for Selecting the Right Art Lamp

The Size of the Artwork

Even though, there is no exact thumb rule to choose the size of an art lamp, since the types of artworks vary, so, in this manner, you need to follow certain guidelines. If it’s a landscape picture, look for art lamps sizing 50% to 70% of the image width excluding the frame. For portrait, ideal picture light size should be half of its length devoid of the frame. In general rule, the larger an artwork is, it needs more lights which should be properly dispersed to illuminate it. For oil painting however, illumination might be tricky since its shadowlike highlights get exposed once the light is directed on the picture. The best choice for oil painting is extended source of LED light, while depending on the need, you can go by number or extend of the light.


As you search online art lamp, you will find profuse varieties in terms of styles, designs, colors, and operational features. Even if, the core intend of buying the art lamp is illuminating a great portrait or classic oil paint, essentially, while choosing the type of lamp, you need to consider a series of factors such as the style of your home; traditional or modern, the wall color as well as the accessories of the surrounding.

 Wall-Mounted

As its name implies, the type of light is wall-mounted and needs to be attached to the wall closer to the picture to be illuminated. To attain the most of your picture as well as lamp, consider the space midst the top of the image and the ceiling. Popular types are wall-mounted track lights, spotlight bars.

 Ceiling-Mounted

Use of ceiling mounted makes best sense as you’re intended to focus on an artwork hanging on the wall and close to the ceiling. Ceiling mounted art illuminating fixtures can be found in recessed models aside from ceiling mounted spotlights or slim line track lights.

 Clamp on Lamps

Clamp on picture lamps is one of the demanding choice which looks great, easy to install and economic. Mostly, clamp lamps remain attached to the upper part, lower part of border of the artwork itself while its arc comes out on the top of the picture and holds the lamps in great casings.

 Freestanding Lamps

If you need an easier solution with flexibility to move the work of art from one place to other, freestanding art lamp is a perfect choice for you. With freestanding, you simply don’t need to take the hassle of hiring electricians/ plumbers for installing the light on the wall or ceiling.


Obviously matters significantly when it comes to your art lamp as it requires to be matched with the picture frame, wall shade, and color of other accessories nearby. The popular most color choices are black, brass, gold, bronze, and silver.

Types of Lighting Bulbs

LED: Led based art lamps are widely demanding choice due to its law power consumption, longevity, whitish lighting and because they don’t emit much heat which is harmful for artworks.

Halogen: ideally great for people looking for sharp, bright, white lighting sources for lighting work of arts. However, mind well that since halogen lamps produce hotness, and without proper positioning they can harm the picture.

Incandescent: A standard choice that offers warmer and yellowish light like candle bulbs.

Top Five Seagull Lighting Pendants

Lighting fixtures are also amazing interior décor items, drawing attention of the viewer and creating an ambience in the room with their lights. There are many contemporary lighting fixtures that are known for their contemporary designs, including pendants, wall sconces, flush mounts and the likes. Apart from these, there are the good old fixtures like chandeliers, floor lamps, table lamps, rustic lights and lamps that look gorgeous in their own way. In this post, we are keeping our focus only on pendants, chandelier like lighting fixtures that are more sophisticated, sleek and ideal for task lighting purposes.

Not many lighting manufacturers consider lighting fixtures as décor assets. However, few understand the importance of fixtures being aesthetically pleasing and make efforts towards creating masterpieces. One such manufacturer is Seagull Lighting, a company that’s known for producing decorative and functional lights. The brand is known by its name and trusted by homeowners, lighting professionals and contractors alike. The manufacturer specializes in the manufacture of contemporary, decorative lighting fixtures including pendants. In this post, we will introduce you to the top five Seagull Lighting pendants and their features. Read on.

1. Emmons Collection

Under the Emmons Collection, one-light mini pendants and three light pendants are available. Emmons collection is a Seagull special that combines form and function in a traditional empire silhouette. The collection uses trumpeted satin etched glass shades around the LED light bulbs and is ideally suited for living rooms, foyers, entryways and family rooms to make a fashion statement. The Seagull Lighting pendants are available in two different finishes- brushed nickel and heirloom bronze and come with a chain that has the wiring pre-placed within.

2. Lazlo Collection

This large four light pendant under the Lazlo collection is a beautiful pendant with an octagonal frame embodied by clear/mercury glass panes which add a whole new look and feel. The pendant is open at both the ends for maximum illumination. The glass shades and the finish combine to give a blissful orb like effect to make this Seagull Lighting pendant an excellent décor asset in your living room, dining room or kitchen. LED bulbs can be used for illumination and energy can be saved since the pendant meets the Title 24 energy efficiency standards.

3. Laurel Leaf Collection

Continuing with the top five Seagull Lighting pendants, up next is the three light pendant under Laurel Leaf collection which is available in six different sizes. With this collection, it’s all about the elegant design and form of the pendant. The light bulb is enclosed by an etched ripple glass shade with a contemporary finish, either brushed nickel or estate bronze finish. The glass is held together by beautiful metal arms that are suspended from the chain, acting like an elegant bridge holding the entire pendant together. LED bulbs are used for focused lighting and energy efficiency.

4. Hettinger Collection

Like all other Seagull Lighting pendants this pendant under Hettinger collection too is contemporary and chic in its design. But what makes this collection special is that it combines traditional and minimalist looks to create a very soothing appearance. This three light pendant is available in three finishes namely burnt sienna, brushed nickel and chrome. All the light fixtures used in this pendant are energy efficient and comply with both with Energy Star and California Title 24 energy efficiency standards.

5. Belton Collection

Like all Seagull Lighting pendants, even this pendant is made of glass shades to enclose the lighting fixture. A clear seeded glass is used for this purpose, such that it highlights the beautiful and intricate Edison bulbs within. Added to this unique retro effect is the heirloom bronze finish that adds another layer of retro and warmth to the pendant. The Belton collection pendants are available in the following variants- one light pendant and one light mini pendant. Incandescent medium-base lamping is used instead of the LEDs since the highlighted Edison bulb has a major role to play in the overall design of the pendant.

Apart from the above five Seagull Lighting pendants, special mention must be given to the Labette collection which has a large four light pendant ideal for halls or foyers. The pendant is perfect to be hung in a kitchen island, dining room or a large foyer, owing to its large structure and majestic design.

Troy Lighting Sconces: Two-Light Edition

Two-light or twin-light sconces from Troy Lighting are available in plenty with different shapes, sizes, styles, colors, designs, patterns and draws inspiration from varied eras and concepts. These wall sconces are to be mounted on walls in living rooms, or even in the entryway of a house, these can also be fitted on bathroom walls to create a relaxed ambiance and provide sufficient light at the same time. The light fixture can be installed outdoors as well either in the front yard or backyard. With a good warranty and easy installation setup, Troy Lighting sconces should be a part of your home lighting solutions.


This two-light dramatic sconce from Troy Lighting features two separate lamps of white pearl glass and bronze rims on the top and bottom with a bronze spherical plate(cymbal) at the back.  The hand-forged iron metalwork is constructed in such a way that when the two 40W candelabra bulbs are switched on, the bronze cymbal glistens. Available in only one finish, Bronze Leaf with Umbria Bronze, the Cymbal is truly an exquisite wall light that will fit in any home creating a wonderful natural charm.

Pike Place:

Are you a lover of seas or ships? Then, this sconce from Troy Lighting will be perfect in adding that seafaring touch in your home. Pike Place is a nautical inspired twin-light fixture that combines form and function. Coming in a finish of Shipyard Bronze, three lengths of real maritime Manila rope suspending a hand-forged iron arm holding the 60W candelabra base Edison bulbs that is in turn attached to a metal back plate. Perfect for indoors, this old town sconce reminds us of an old classic story.

Village Tavern:

This industrial-inspired light fixture is the perfect choice if you are looking for antique piece to hang on your wall. With an Old Tavern Iron finish, the sconce appears to be a curved hand-worked iron framework covering the two 60W candelabra bulbs. Compliant in both indoor and outdoor settings, the periodic piece is sure to give a rawer vibe to any room when mounted on the walls. This kind of sconce helps in ambient lighting as well.


The European styled wall sconce serves as a fitting addition is rustic and country styled homes. With a hand-forged iron frame, the regal fixture from Troy Lighting showcases two separate 60W candelabra bulbs hidden behind a French hardback shade. Created with a Weathered Iron finish, it serves as both a wall sconce and a style statement making any room more elegant.

La Brea:

One can surely expect an interesting twin light fixture from Troy Lighting when it has such a peculiar name and one will find La Brea much more than just a usual wall sconce. The simple yet sophisticated French-inspired La Brea is a classic piece made with a French Iron finish and hand-worked wrought iron metalwork.  The 60W candelabra bulbs are apart covered in hardback linen shade that resembles minute night lamps that one usually places near the bed. Dining rooms will be adorned with this variant and it can be used for both ambient and task lighting and will be a great addition in the foyer/ entryway providing warm light.


A bathroom sconce should add a little glitz and glamour to the space and that is what the Jensen from Troy Lighting exactly does. This pristine twin-light fixture can have its 50W xenon halogen bulbs arranged horizontally or vertically on its hard-worked wrought iron back plate. This will be perfect when the horizontal variant is placed just above the mirror or a pair of the vertical ones are fitted on either side of the mirror. Squared clear glass surrounds the mild illumination that is apt for bathroom settings providing sift light and enhancing the calming effect.

Now that you are aware of how useful and beautiful two-light wall sconces from Troy Lighting can be, it is time that you go and check them out. There are numerous collections featuring two-light fixtures and you will be able to find the fitting one per your requirements and home setting. An easy way of buying wall sconces from Troy Lighting is to go buy them online through convenient methods.  Online lighting stores feature all the collections, provide exact information and display images of the original products, have great deals and free shipping.

You will Love Seagull Lighting’s Vast Collection

Seagull Lighting is famous for having a wide range of energy-efficient lighting products. The firm has embraced energy efficiency with dedicated Energy Star compliant models in all its categories. With homeowners and businesses growing ever conscious about their responsibility to the environment, coupled with rising utility bills year-on-year, Seagull Lighting’s fixtures which use power efficiently are seeing a lot of interest. Seagull Lighting has won six Energy Star Partner of the Year awards, thanks to its strong focus on improving energy efficiency. The firm, founded in 1919 by a craftsman and run for decades by a family team, embraces different design philosophies for its products, so the range has a mix of contemporary, minimalistic and retro-style designs. Buyers can easily pick and choose from Seagull light collection depending on their decor theme and preferred color finishes. Let’s find out about the exciting products on offer for buyers from the firm:

You will Love Seagull Lighting’s Vast Collection

Chandeliers and Pendant Lights

Seagull Lighting’s hanging fixtures range from single light hallway pendants to eighteen-light traditional chandeliers. Some of the popular pendant ranges are Bretton House, Manor Hall, Rialto, Sebring and Sussex. Customers can choose from single light and multiple-light models going all the way up to eight lights. The fixtures are compatible with incandescent bulbs, CFLs and LEDs. The Seagull lighting chandeliers range starts from three-light and four-light models with the largest chandelier being the three tier fifteen light traditional chandelier. The chandeliers are available in a wide variety of materials like wrought iron, nickel finish, chrome and polished brass. Arcadia, Metropolis and Highland chandeliers are very popular for their elegant design. While pendant lights are great for lighting up cozy niches and small dining areas, small chandeliers act as an attention catcher in manor house dining rooms, ball rooms and large atria.

Flush and Semi-Flush Ceiling-mounted Fixtures

Ceiling-mounted fixtures are suited for rooms with low ceilings, semi enclosed patios and hallways. They are more functional and take up less space than suspended lights. Seagull Lighting offers both flush ceiling-mounted lights and semi-flush ceiling mounted fixtures in single light and multiple light options. The model ranges include both traditional and modern designs, and buyers can choose from incandescent lamp fixtures and LED fixtures. Seagull Lighting also offers track lighting in two-light, three-light and four-light options. Track Lighting is a hybrid of suspended and flush lighting fixtures offering sport or diffused lighting. It can be used for lighting up artwork as well as for accent lighting in restaurants, art galleries and museums.

Outdoor Fixtures

Seagull Lighting offers pendants, wall lanterns, ceiling-mounted fixtures and post-mounted lights specially designed for harsh outdoor conditions. The company has taken influence from Colonial style decor, Stable Lights and Mission Revival decor for its outdoor pieces like Prairie, Bancroft and Cape May. The fixtures are available in a variety of finishes with several glass options ranging from clear to streaky and clouded. The post-mounted lights show a heavy influence of old gaslights which used to be common in Europe in the 19th century before the use of electricity became widespread. The fixtures are specially designed for outside use, with corrosion free materials and flake-free powder coated colors.

Wall and Bath Sconces

Wall sconces serve both a functional and aesthetic function in home decor. They are useful for area lighting, and also serve to diffuse the monotony of a large stretch of wall. Bath sconces are used for area lighting and task lighting ( Seagull Lighting has a wide range wall and bath sconces in single- light and multiple-light options, with up to six-light models on offer. The fixtures can be purchased in a variety of finishes, with most models accepting LED lamps as well as incandescent bulbs and LEDs.

Seagull Lighting’s extensive product range ensures that buyers don’t have to cast their net too wide looking for the right pieces to decorate their new homes. With newer designs coming out often, there is always something fresh and exciting from the firm.

Make Office Lights a Bit Better Looking with Cree LN Lighting

Give Focused Attention to the Lighting Tasks to Make Interiors Shine

The all-inclusive technological advancement and the consequent shift that has come to pass in the aesthetic vision and approach of the present-day generation have made categorical changes in all areas of human activity. The interior decoration arena is also not an exception. In our time, everyone makes use of the various sophisticated ways to bring in more charm and liveliness to each part of the building. Lighting is an essential task of indoor decoration and if not done as it should be, it will tarnish the overall atmosphere. One can create an air of spaciousness and coolness by giving proper lighting and well thought-out decorations in the interior areas. As lighting is one of the core elements of the indoor beautification process, you will have to give utmost attention while planning and executing the related tasks. It is practically good to get the recommendations and guidance of professionals regarding the selection of lighting fixtures; this will make you aware of the recent trends that are par for the course of modern lighting.

Utilize the Handiness of LED Recessed Lights to Create Brilliant Lustrous Indoors

Lighting is an integral part of modern indoor decoration work and if done properly, one will be able to bring in more livable nature to the basic structure. Even though a room is generally a single entity, there are different areas within that space that differ in importance and usage. For example, if you are lighting your office, some portions may need extra brightness or dimness than the rest. You can resolve the possible lighting dilemmas by going for LED recessed lights. Just fix dimmers and manage the flow of light strictly in accordance with the actual requirement.

Make Office Lights a Bit Better Looking With Cree LN Lighting

Creel LN lighting fixtures will be perfectly useful for carrying out the lighting works of office or similar commercial spaces. Naturally, you can find diverse models and brands of LED recessed lighting fixtures in the contemporary market. Because of the availability of diverse types of fixtures, you are sure to get confused regarding the one that you should buy. Cree is one of the popular brands. The suspended ambient luminaire is an excellent light fixture that goes well with the pragmatic requirements of residences, office buildings, or commercial structures. The sleek structure will indeed add allure to the related area. The direct/indirect lighting system is a specialty of this model. Besides, it is possible to install LED recessed lights anywhere, just in line with the actual necessity, irrespective of the basic structure of the ceiling. You will be able to fix them even on sloped surfaces. This adaptability makes the product handy for augmenting the convenience and charm of typical areas such as terrace, garden space, or verandas. For sure, you can make office lights a bit better looking with Cree LN fixtures.

Make Office Lights a Bit Better Looking with Cree LN Lighting
Cree LN series makes use of WaveMax technology for functioning. The application of this technology makes it possible to spread congenial brilliance within rooms. You will get brightness as per your specific requirement, for instance, depending on where and how you want it. In other words, WaveMax technology facilitates the creation and perfect maintenance of a constant flow of light. Though the generated light flows constantly, there will not be any impression of excess luminosity. Here, a special functionality, ‘Total Internal Reflection (TIR)’, picks up light and transfer the same inside the visual waveguide platform. The dispersed light becomes pleasant, because, WaveMax trims down the surplus luster of light and convert the light flow into a pleasing pattern, thus creating an appreciable ambiance within.

Benefits of the Using Cree LN Lighting Fixtures

•  By planned utilization, it is possible to make office lights ( a bit better looking with Cree LN lighting. The applied ‘WaveMax technology’ facilitates the constant flow of soothing light, and that too, devoid of any compromises regarding the quality of light. You can enjoy pleasant color light continually.

•  You will be able to control the light stream with extreme effectiveness.

•  You can precisely control the visual effects, which gives altogether tidiness to the space concerned.

•  There will not be unnecessary energy wastages. In fact, the system is an energy saver and will certainly pay back your initial expenses in due course of time.

In short, the special designing aspect and the entailed technological application make Cree LN lights a perfect match for commercial buildings, as well as offices.

Discover How Low Voltage Recessed Lighting can Save Money

Lighting is a Vital Interior Decoration Task

Only when the interior spaces are well bedecked, the building concerned will come under the category of habitable houses, or else it will stay as a simple base structure. Lighting is one of the key interior decoration works and clear planning is essential for making it good and beneficial. You can take the technical and the performance related advices regarding the subject from experts. Fortunately, some of the top-ranking lighting specialists offer free consultation, and this is a best way to solve your concerns and reservations regarding lighting the interior and exterior areas. This is true as far as both residences and commercial building are concerned.

Benefits of Choosing LED Recessed Lighting Fixtures

The present-day customers value LED recessed lighting fixturesDiscover How Low Voltage Recessed Lighting can Save Money much because of the pragmatic gains, and hence this model lights enjoy great demand in the market. Don’t worry about the initial spending; you will be able to save a great deal in due course of time, because, LED lights need less energy to function. You can use them for both indoor and outdoor lighting purposes. The installation process is not that much technical and so you can do it easily. Some of the principal benefits of LED lights are:

•  Longevity: This is indeed a significant advantage, which all users will appreciate. In general, LED lights will continue to give beaming brilliance for years together, of course, depending on the pattern of the designs and the way, and the place where it is used. One can certainly save replacement costs by using LEDs.

•  Less Production of Heat: As the production of heat while in operation is less, there will not be excess heat within interiors. This will indirectly cut down other daily electricity consumptions like when using air conditioners.

•  Little Energy Consumption: LED lamps need very less energy to function than the other types of customary lights. The net result is the large savings to the users.

•  No Dangerous Emissions: There will not be any risky emissions such as ultraviolet or infrared, and hence you can free the room from the possible pollutions.

•  Customize the Inflow of Light: You will be able to enjoy customization; by using dimmers, you can manage the inflow of light. There will be areas within a single room wherever extra brightness is required, and vice versa. The functionality of dimmers will become handy here.

•  Luxury of Choice: There are diverse types, sizes, and colors of LED recessed lighting fixtures and this gives you an excellent opportunity to pick the proper ones.

Discover How Low Voltage Recessed Lighting Can Save Money

To discover how low voltage recessed lighting can save money, you will have to consider a few basic facts.

•  Installing high end LED recessed lights is an excellent way to enhance the existing allure of the room. The walls, floor, the furniture, and the other objects that stay within the space will get the exactly required focus. You can spread the light evenly if you want, or whenever and wherever needed, you can use dimmers to give less or more brightness. In short, you can manage the flow of light exactly in tune with your own plan.

•  Whether you wish to set up ambient lighting (, task lighting, or for that matter, any type of lighting style within the indoors, recessed lighting method will fit the bill. One of the main advantages of this system is that it will go well with all interior spaces, including living room, bedrooms, hallways, or corridors. Besides, you can easily fix recessed lights even on sloped ceilings. When fitted with appropriate recessed lights, even a minimally decorated interior space will look roomy and gorgeous. Therefore, you can avoid expensive interior decorations.

•  Always go for high-end and low-voltage recessed lighting fixture, albeit such items will be a bit pricier than the low-end ones. However, they will be safer to use and will give absolute quality service, which will compensate the expensive nature. Besides, you can trim down the amount of your electricity bill.

You can find different shapes and models of recessed lights such as square pieces, rimless ones, LED recessed multiples, etc. When you shop from experienced and dependable dealers, you are sure to get a wide range of high-output recessed light items that will be suitable for both commercial and residential purposes. You will have to choose the most appropriate ones that will go well with the interior areas. Here, careful planning and precise visualization is essential. Indeed, you can take the professional advice of experts on the subject; many of the top-rated online traders give this type of specialized service.