Art Lamps – How to Select the Right Art Lamps

The places where art lamp works fantastic are entryway, hallway, living room etc. They are mainly used to highlight various kinds of artworks, ranging from portrait, pictures, canvas, oil painting, types of sculptures, immediately above the piece of artwork in right angles to maximize their articulateness. Whether used in homes, museums, or commercial place, the effect of lighting can bring dramatic change in the entire ambiance, which is why choosing the most appropriate lamp with appropriate features and their accurate positioning is vital. So, how to go about to choose the right art lamps. Let’s have a look.

Points to Consider for Selecting the Right Art Lamp

The Size of the Artwork

Even though, there is no exact thumb rule to choose the size of an art lamp, since the types of artworks vary, so, in this manner, you need to follow certain guidelines. If it’s a landscape picture, look for art lamps sizing 50% to 70% of the image width excluding the frame. For portrait, ideal picture light size should be half of its length devoid of the frame. In general rule, the larger an artwork is, it needs more lights which should be properly dispersed to illuminate it. For oil painting however, illumination might be tricky since its shadowlike highlights get exposed once the light is directed on the picture. The best choice for oil painting is extended source of LED light, while depending on the need, you can go by number or extend of the light.


As you search online art lamp, you will find profuse varieties in terms of styles, designs, colors, and operational features. Even if, the core intend of buying the art lamp is illuminating a great portrait or classic oil paint, essentially, while choosing the type of lamp, you need to consider a series of factors such as the style of your home; traditional or modern, the wall color as well as the accessories of the surrounding.

 Wall-Mounted

As its name implies, the type of light is wall-mounted and needs to be attached to the wall closer to the picture to be illuminated. To attain the most of your picture as well as lamp, consider the space midst the top of the image and the ceiling. Popular types are wall-mounted track lights, spotlight bars.

 Ceiling-Mounted

Use of ceiling mounted makes best sense as you’re intended to focus on an artwork hanging on the wall and close to the ceiling. Ceiling mounted art illuminating fixtures can be found in recessed models aside from ceiling mounted spotlights or slim line track lights.

 Clamp on Lamps

Clamp on picture lamps is one of the demanding choice which looks great, easy to install and economic. Mostly, clamp lamps remain attached to the upper part, lower part of border of the artwork itself while its arc comes out on the top of the picture and holds the lamps in great casings.

 Freestanding Lamps

If you need an easier solution with flexibility to move the work of art from one place to other, freestanding art lamp is a perfect choice for you. With freestanding, you simply don’t need to take the hassle of hiring electricians/ plumbers for installing the light on the wall or ceiling.


Obviously matters significantly when it comes to your art lamp as it requires to be matched with the picture frame, wall shade, and color of other accessories nearby. The popular most color choices are black, brass, gold, bronze, and silver.

Types of Lighting Bulbs

LED: Led based art lamps are widely demanding choice due to its law power consumption, longevity, whitish lighting and because they don’t emit much heat which is harmful for artworks.

Halogen: ideally great for people looking for sharp, bright, white lighting sources for lighting work of arts. However, mind well that since halogen lamps produce hotness, and without proper positioning they can harm the picture.

Incandescent: A standard choice that offers warmer and yellowish light like candle bulbs.

Discover How Low Voltage Recessed Lighting can Save Money

Lighting is a Vital Interior Decoration Task

Only when the interior spaces are well bedecked, the building concerned will come under the category of habitable houses, or else it will stay as a simple base structure. Lighting is one of the key interior decoration works and clear planning is essential for making it good and beneficial. You can take the technical and the performance related advices regarding the subject from experts. Fortunately, some of the top-ranking lighting specialists offer free consultation, and this is a best way to solve your concerns and reservations regarding lighting the interior and exterior areas. This is true as far as both residences and commercial building are concerned.

Benefits of Choosing LED Recessed Lighting Fixtures

The present-day customers value LED recessed lighting fixturesDiscover How Low Voltage Recessed Lighting can Save Money much because of the pragmatic gains, and hence this model lights enjoy great demand in the market. Don’t worry about the initial spending; you will be able to save a great deal in due course of time, because, LED lights need less energy to function. You can use them for both indoor and outdoor lighting purposes. The installation process is not that much technical and so you can do it easily. Some of the principal benefits of LED lights are:

•  Longevity: This is indeed a significant advantage, which all users will appreciate. In general, LED lights will continue to give beaming brilliance for years together, of course, depending on the pattern of the designs and the way, and the place where it is used. One can certainly save replacement costs by using LEDs.

•  Less Production of Heat: As the production of heat while in operation is less, there will not be excess heat within interiors. This will indirectly cut down other daily electricity consumptions like when using air conditioners.

•  Little Energy Consumption: LED lamps need very less energy to function than the other types of customary lights. The net result is the large savings to the users.

•  No Dangerous Emissions: There will not be any risky emissions such as ultraviolet or infrared, and hence you can free the room from the possible pollutions.

•  Customize the Inflow of Light: You will be able to enjoy customization; by using dimmers, you can manage the inflow of light. There will be areas within a single room wherever extra brightness is required, and vice versa. The functionality of dimmers will become handy here.

•  Luxury of Choice: There are diverse types, sizes, and colors of LED recessed lighting fixtures and this gives you an excellent opportunity to pick the proper ones.

Discover How Low Voltage Recessed Lighting Can Save Money

To discover how low voltage recessed lighting can save money, you will have to consider a few basic facts.

•  Installing high end LED recessed lights is an excellent way to enhance the existing allure of the room. The walls, floor, the furniture, and the other objects that stay within the space will get the exactly required focus. You can spread the light evenly if you want, or whenever and wherever needed, you can use dimmers to give less or more brightness. In short, you can manage the flow of light exactly in tune with your own plan.

•  Whether you wish to set up ambient lighting (, task lighting, or for that matter, any type of lighting style within the indoors, recessed lighting method will fit the bill. One of the main advantages of this system is that it will go well with all interior spaces, including living room, bedrooms, hallways, or corridors. Besides, you can easily fix recessed lights even on sloped ceilings. When fitted with appropriate recessed lights, even a minimally decorated interior space will look roomy and gorgeous. Therefore, you can avoid expensive interior decorations.

•  Always go for high-end and low-voltage recessed lighting fixture, albeit such items will be a bit pricier than the low-end ones. However, they will be safer to use and will give absolute quality service, which will compensate the expensive nature. Besides, you can trim down the amount of your electricity bill.

You can find different shapes and models of recessed lights such as square pieces, rimless ones, LED recessed multiples, etc. When you shop from experienced and dependable dealers, you are sure to get a wide range of high-output recessed light items that will be suitable for both commercial and residential purposes. You will have to choose the most appropriate ones that will go well with the interior areas. Here, careful planning and precise visualization is essential. Indeed, you can take the professional advice of experts on the subject; many of the top-rated online traders give this type of specialized service.