Create Harmonious Living Spaces with Contemporary Lighting

Lighting industry has come a long way if we compare it with the times back in 1950s when there were fewer options available and comparatively inferior quality. But today with the advent of technology there are a myriad of options and the latest trend in the industry are contemporary light fixtures. The avant-garde designs and linear fixtures are just what a modern home needs.

Characteristics of Contemporary lightings

Create Harmonious Living Spaces with Contemporary LightingContemporary Lighting have designs that are influenced by today’s fashion and society. Hence they are often in neutral shades or vibrant colors. Other key features include sharp lines, sculpted finishing, clean and sleek elements and bold, confident shades. This style is defined by the underlying simplicity of geometric shapes, line, form and design. This simplicity when comes in contrast with the dramatic and vibrant furnishings of your house, give it a classy and chic look.

Once you have decided the kind of light fittings you need, you need to decide the purpose of these fittings. There are three types of lighting requirements in any room:

  Ambient Lighting

These are the simplest kind of light fittings specifically for general illumination. You need ambient lighting in every area of your home, be it bedroom, living room, study, bathroom or kitchen.

  Task Lighting

As the same suggests, this kind of lighting is essential for carrying out various tasks. Some examples of this type of lighting requirement will be reading lamps in the study, counter lights in the kitchen, vanity lights in the bathroom and wardrobe lights in the bedroom.

  Accent Lightings

These lightings accentuate the appearance and looks of your room. They are purely for decorative and mood lighting purpose and make the area look very luxurious, stylish and appealing.

Every room has different needs and you need to decide on the layers of lighting required in a particular area. At least, two out of the above three layers of lighting are essential for the right illumination scheme in each area.
But, how can you decide which fixture will look good in which area. Here is some information about various types of light fittings that will help make your decision easier:

1.  Chandelier

Chandelier is one of the most prominent and important light fixture in your entire house and most probably also the most expensive. It is installed in the living room and acts as a centerpiece in the area. It offers ambient lighting and if a dimmer is installed with the fitting, it also serves the accent lighting requirement. It should be mounted right in the centre of the room and should be approximately 30”- 40” above the table. Also, the bulbs used in the chandeliers must radiate bright illumination of approximately 180 watts. Also, you must carefully decide the diameter of the fixture on the basis of the size of the room. While a 10’x10’ room will need a chandelier with 17”-20” diameter, a 14’x14’ room should have a chandelier with 24”-30” diameter. You can even install a small chandelier in the entry lobby to create an inviting ambience.

2.  Recessed Light Fixtures

Recessed lights are small canister light fittings which are hidden under false ceiling and offer either downward or upward illumination. They are installed in a way that only the glow is visible and not the fitting itself. They are used to highlight a specific structural element, painting or wall display in your room.

3.  Pendant

Pendant lights are also called island lights and are mounted in a way that they hang down from the ceiling. They are generally placed in kitchens and dining area. They must be hanged 30”- 40” from the ceiling for them to function effectively and look aesthetically pleasing. The best feature of pendant lights is that they provide bright illumination without looking bulky. Jackson Linear Pendant from Varaluz Lighting will be a perfect example.

4.  Wall Sconce

Sconces are usually used in hallways and living rooms to radiate ambient illumination. They must be of maximum 60” height from the floor and spaced 8”-10” apart.

5.  Dimmer

Dimmer is an excellent innovation, which can be used to provide flexible illumination by regulating the amount of light radiated from the fixture. You can use dimmers in hallway lights, media room fixtures, living rooms, dining room chandelier ( and bedroom light fittings. Brands like Sonneman Lighting and Besa Lighting are excellent in delivering best quality multi-functional lights.

With the above information at hand, you can now wisely choose right type of contemporary light fittings to accentuate the look of your house.