Gorgeous Chandeliers of Various Sizes by Minka Lavery

Have you ever walked into a room and felt very uncomfortable and uneasy? Sometimes, improper lighting can result in an unreceptive and cold ambience. Even if a room is impeccable and decorated in the most pleasing way, it will still not be appreciated in its full glory if the illumination is not appropriate. A chandelier plays a very crucial role in your lighting arrangement. It not only acts as the main light fitting but is also the focal point and a major decorative piece in the room. Chandeliers are available in various sizes and color in traditional or contemporary style by leading manufacturers like Troy Lighting, Norwell Lighting, Hubbardton Forge, Framburg Lighting, Holtkotter Lighting, but Minka Lavery has the best to offer.

Minka Lavery is the industry leader in the field of creative chandeliers. Their catalogue is filled with products that are a perfect example of outstanding craftsmanship and exceptional quality. Here are some of the reasons why you should select Minka Lavery for your lighting requirements:

•  You can find their products at almost all lighting stores, as they have retail partnership with over 2000 lighting showrooms.

•  They offer a diverse range of products, ranging from chandeliers and outdoor wall sconces to lamps, wall art and mirrors.

•  Their fittings are made with variety of materials and in various finishes like brass, aluminum, wrought iron, resin and wood.

•  You can be sure that your purchase will reach you anywhere in the United States within three days as Minka Lavery’s distribution centers are spread all across the country.

Chandeliers are usually mounted in living area, dining room, foyer and sometimes even in bedrooms. Each room has different lighting requirements; hence different kinds of chandeliers will suit each room. Here are some tips that will help you select the correct chandelier for your house:

Gorgeous Chandeliers of Various Sizes by Minka Lavery

1.  Living Room

Your living area is the place where you have parties, entertain guests and spend most of your time. Hence, it is important that the fixture mounted here should be of perfect size and is installed in the very center of the room. One golden rule for finding perfect proportions for getting chandeliers for any room is to get a fitting that is 2.5 to 3 inches wide for every foot of the height of the room. For example, if your room is 10 feet high, get a fixture which is 25 inches to 30 inches wide. Another method is to sum up the breadth and length of the room to get the diameter of the fitting in inches. However, sometimes you have a large living room but its ceiling is too low, in that case it is sensible to install two chandeliers in the area.

2.  Dining Room

Your dining room should provide proper illumination necessary for eating your food. But how can you determine the apt amount of brightness needed in the room? Just follow a simple formula; multiply the area of your dining room with 1.5 to know the approximate watts needed. If you want to achieve a more intense glow, then opt for fluorescent lights and to get cozier ambience for private dinners, you can install a dimmer with your fitting.

While getting a dining room chandelier, make sure that the width of your chosen fixture is less than half the length of the dining table and it is installed at least thirty inches above the table, to avoid casting unwanted shadows on your guests.  The shape of the fixture should also match with the table’s shape. For example, buy a globular Thorndale Chandelier for a round table and a linear Edison fixture for a rectangular table.

3.  Foyer

You can choose between flush, semi-flush, or multi-tiered chandeliers for your foyer. Just make sure that the base of your fixture is at least seven feet above the floor. If you have a two storied foyer with a window above the front door, then install your fitting in a manner that it is visible from outside.

4.  Bedroom

You can make a bold statement by mounting an elegant mini chandelier in your bedroom. These mini chandeliers have become the latest trend in the lighting industry and can replace table lamps in any area.

Chandeliers are an epitome of style and warmth. They are not only the most prominent source of light in an area but also help create a dramatic ambience. So, go ahead and buy some beautiful Minka Lavery chandeliers in various sizes and mount them in different rooms of your house!