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The LED Light Bulbs and New Uses For an Old Idea

The LED Light Bulbs and New Uses For an Old Idea...

With our world become more and more interested in energy efficiency, “green” energy and responsible use of natural resources, most people have heard about LED lighting. More specifically, most people have heard that an LED light bulb is a safe and extremely power-efficient way to light a home, a store or an office. The fact is that many homes and businesses have already made the switch to LED-based lighting, because it is an incredibly easy thing to do. Many devices in your home or at your work may already work with LED’s. They are so common that many people simply don’t notice them anymore. LED lighting has become a hot topic of conversation in the last few years as its use becomes more widespread, but Light Emitting Diodes have been in use since 1962! The first incarnation of the LED light bulb, however, couldn’t have lit an entire building, or even an entire room for that matter! They could emit only very low-intensity light, and they couldn’t be any color other than red. Even when other colors became possible, it simply wasn’t possible to make an LED bright enough to use as business or residential lighting. LEDs in those days were mainly used as indicator lights on electronic devices, or as the numbers on digital clocks. Advances in technology have allowed the LED light bulb to reach its full potential, however. No longer the small glowing dots of light that told us when the power was on or whether the batteries were getting low, LED lighting can come in as many colors as designers can imagine and it can be powerful enough not only for indoor lighting, but for outdoor floodlighting as well. Fortunately the revamp in LED technology...
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