What Makes Troy Lighting Fixtures So Special

How your house appears before your guests, neighbors and relatives has much to do with the kind of light fixtures you have used in your home. But many times this important element is overlooked in décor planning. Luckily, in past few decades, interior designers have realized the importance of lighting and this has resulted in enormous growth in the lighting industry. But the problem is growth does not guarantee quality. However, with Troy Lighting you no longer have to worry about this because this company is known for delivering quality. With great market standing, Troy has been delivering flattering designs with great quality. And when you want this combination of quality and style, you can trust nobody more than Troy Lighting.

What Makes Troy Lighting Fixtures So Special

Why Troy Lighting

Based in California, Troy Lighting is a preferred brand name in the industry of outdoor and indoor light fixtures. They manufacture fittings that are a perfect blend of quality, design and value. Their catalogue comprises of a wide range of light fittings in all types, ranges and styles of products. And this has helped them in becoming the leaders of interior lighting world in both private and commercial spheres.

In fact, since its inception in 1963, Troy Lighting has come a very long way. They have widened their scope to almost every kind of lighting accessory including wall scones, pendants, chandeliers, floor lamps, ceiling fixtures and bath sconces, in their interior products range. On the other hand, there are exterior hanging lights, post fixtures, post and pier mounts and lantern in their outdoor range of products.

With passing years, innovation has been their prime focus. They manufacture every fitting with utmost care and supervision. These innovative designing ideas when combined with technical intervention are bound to deliver the best. And that is the reason why big lighting brands such as Arroyo Craftsman, Norwell Lighting, Northeast Lantern and Troy Lighting invest in a special team of artists that take care of the designing aspect.

Another interesting range of Troy Lightings is their nature friendly series, called Troy Environment Series (ES). ES is designed smartly to utilize Mother Nature’s treasures effectively and make sustainable development a realizable goal. This range combines the exquisite design of hand crafted lanterns with fluorescent, energy star and dark sky compliant options. Another green feature is the motion sensors element in certain light fixtures, so your fitting turns on only when you are around. This helps save electricity and economize on the power consumption.

Troy Lighting has also gained critical acclaim and various magazines, internet portals have published articles praising the amazing characteristics of Troy Lighting. Some of the popular media names that have mentioned the company include New England Home, Design NJ, HFN, enLIGHTenment, San Diego Home & Garden and Traditional Home. In fact, Internet is also flooded with numerous positive customer reviews praising the finishing and aesthetic appeal of Troy Lighting.

Lighting is a necessary element in the house but deciding what kind of fixture should be installed in which area is not necessarily an easy decision. You need to have a little knowledge about various kind of bulbs, amount of illumination and size of fixture you need for a particular room. Here are some tips that will help you make the right decision:

•  For the Dining Hall

A dining room should have a small fixture like F3805 Bistro from Troy Lighting or Berkeley from Arroyo Craftsman, and it must be placed right above the dining table. The fitting should provide bright illumination and should not cause any shadows. You can also mount a small chandeliers in the hallway to welcome the guests and create an inviting atmosphere.

•  For the Bedroom

Since your bedroom requires ambient lighting you can use a dimmer with the main light fitting to reduce the amount of illumination when required. Also, you must add wardrobe lights and table lamps in the bedroom illumination scheme to improve its aesthetics as well as for function reasons.

•  For the Outdoor Area

It is essential that driveways, garage, patio and garden area are well-illuminated. This is not only must for practical reasons but is also vital to beautify your home and make it look warm and inviting from outside.
With the above tips at hand, you can now choose amongst the diverse range and innovative designs of Troy Lighting and buy perfect fixtures to illuminate your home.

Create Harmonious Living Spaces with Contemporary Lighting

Lighting industry has come a long way if we compare it with the times back in 1950s when there were fewer options available and comparatively inferior quality. But today with the advent of technology there are a myriad of options and the latest trend in the industry are contemporary light fixtures. The avant-garde designs and linear fixtures are just what a modern home needs.

Characteristics of Contemporary lightings

Create Harmonious Living Spaces with Contemporary LightingContemporary Lighting have designs that are influenced by today’s fashion and society. Hence they are often in neutral shades or vibrant colors. Other key features include sharp lines, sculpted finishing, clean and sleek elements and bold, confident shades. This style is defined by the underlying simplicity of geometric shapes, line, form and design. This simplicity when comes in contrast with the dramatic and vibrant furnishings of your house, give it a classy and chic look.

Once you have decided the kind of light fittings you need, you need to decide the purpose of these fittings. There are three types of lighting requirements in any room:

  Ambient Lighting

These are the simplest kind of light fittings specifically for general illumination. You need ambient lighting in every area of your home, be it bedroom, living room, study, bathroom or kitchen.

  Task Lighting

As the same suggests, this kind of lighting is essential for carrying out various tasks. Some examples of this type of lighting requirement will be reading lamps in the study, counter lights in the kitchen, vanity lights in the bathroom and wardrobe lights in the bedroom.

  Accent Lightings

These lightings accentuate the appearance and looks of your room. They are purely for decorative and mood lighting purpose and make the area look very luxurious, stylish and appealing.

Every room has different needs and you need to decide on the layers of lighting required in a particular area. At least, two out of the above three layers of lighting are essential for the right illumination scheme in each area.
But, how can you decide which fixture will look good in which area. Here is some information about various types of light fittings that will help make your decision easier:

1.  Chandelier

Chandelier is one of the most prominent and important light fixture in your entire house and most probably also the most expensive. It is installed in the living room and acts as a centerpiece in the area. It offers ambient lighting and if a dimmer is installed with the fitting, it also serves the accent lighting requirement. It should be mounted right in the centre of the room and should be approximately 30”- 40” above the table. Also, the bulbs used in the chandeliers must radiate bright illumination of approximately 180 watts. Also, you must carefully decide the diameter of the fixture on the basis of the size of the room. While a 10’x10’ room will need a chandelier with 17”-20” diameter, a 14’x14’ room should have a chandelier with 24”-30” diameter. You can even install a small chandelier in the entry lobby to create an inviting ambience.

2.  Recessed Light Fixtures

Recessed lights are small canister light fittings which are hidden under false ceiling and offer either downward or upward illumination. They are installed in a way that only the glow is visible and not the fitting itself. They are used to highlight a specific structural element, painting or wall display in your room.

3.  Pendant

Pendant lights are also called island lights and are mounted in a way that they hang down from the ceiling. They are generally placed in kitchens and dining area. They must be hanged 30”- 40” from the ceiling for them to function effectively and look aesthetically pleasing. The best feature of pendant lights is that they provide bright illumination without looking bulky. Jackson Linear Pendant from Varaluz Lighting will be a perfect example.

4.  Wall Sconce

Sconces are usually used in hallways and living rooms to radiate ambient illumination. They must be of maximum 60” height from the floor and spaced 8”-10” apart.

5.  Dimmer

Dimmer is an excellent innovation, which can be used to provide flexible illumination by regulating the amount of light radiated from the fixture. You can use dimmers in hallway lights, media room fixtures, living rooms, dining room chandelier (interiordec.about.com/od/chandelier1/qt/Dining-Room-Chandelier-How-High-To-Hang-A-Dining-Room-Chandelier.htm) and bedroom light fittings. Brands like Sonneman Lighting and Besa Lighting are excellent in delivering best quality multi-functional lights.

With the above information at hand, you can now wisely choose right type of contemporary light fittings to accentuate the look of your house.

Modern Lights – Infuse Life to Every Corner of Your Home!

The cutting edge current lighting installations, offered by the lighting stores, hold a wide mixed bag of choices to light up & help up your extraordinary habitation or any other space. Offering the finest in contemporary light installations, that is constructed with time-tried learning to help you select the ideal cutting edge light apparatuses for your home. The finest in cutting edge lighting is presently accessible in a wide assortment of styles, shapes and structures, for you to effectively utilize the ideal lighting accessory at the ideal spot. Relish the wonderful oomph in your home; turn it from blah to fab with the utilization of advanced lights, charming crystal fixtures, alluring divider sconces, pendant and other lighting apparatuses. The intriguing lights are as captivating as shimmering daylight and as calming as falling water. Toting a stately clue to your present-day homes, the embellishing lighting installations make a sublime focus piece, corner appeal, table top or roof fascination. These perfect modern lights & works of art go up the surroundings, offering a marvelous appeal to the feeling. Why hold up? Feel free to make an endearing gleam with the finest in present day light installations.

Modern Lights - Infuse life to every corner of your home!

Excellence with utility!

Whether you are searching for contemporary lighting installations or natural or transitional, now there are cutting edge lights accessible for each space. Whether it is a pendant, contemporary crystal fixture, present day light for the bath, open air light, light apparatuses, or even a cutting edge roof fan, now the lighting stores offer literally the same thing you have envisioned that you have to showcase your one of a kind advanced style. Bring home these fine pieces for added charm & beauty. An excellent extra to your homes, unimaginably planned lighting installation easily grasps the feel around. Filling the double need of excellence with utility, the modern lights function admirably as a stylistic layout adornment as well as offer startling light, further opening up the heavenliness of your bed sides, tables, dividers, corners, mantle-pieces and roofs. Ceiling fixtures impeccably embellish the eating space, making it the focal point of fascination; offering able lighting, scones then again look delightful when set alongside a mirror on the wall, cutting edge pendant lighting (www.wisegeek.com/how-do-i-choose-the-best-pendant-lighting-fixtures.htm) puts forth a lovely expression piece that talks about your identity; the scaled down & little ones use less space however say a lot about the ‘toning it down would be best’ idea.

Implied for brighter homes!

The present day lights coordinate the style of your home plan, feeling of design and your thoughts on extravagance and solace. These current lights talk about your identity & the decisions you make. The exquisite present day lights now accessible now days at lighting stores are not the standard toll. Epitomizing the encapsulation of extravagance & class, the lighting frill and components on the web, are fit to give, the outlandish dwelling places quirky point of interest & predominance. Changing the house made up of bricks & cement into a home that talks about your identity, feelings & decision, the cutting edge lights are an absolute necessity! You require that impeccable look in a jiffy, simply peruse through the luxury cutting edge lights variety & appreciate shopping online while you browse the astonishing accumulation and select the considerable friendly exchanges that are an immaculate fit & only supplement your home.

Edify your home

Utilize the wonderfully created present day lights that are one of kind. Perfect for home improvement &utility, the modern lights are beautiful yet functional. Table lights, sconces and divider pendant et all from manufacturers such as Besa Lighting, DVI Lighting, Sonneman Lighting or George Kovacs flawlessly add a glossy punch to the inconspicuous foot stools & cupboards! A complete scope of enlivening lights clubbed up with luxury home stylistic theme components around, all cool & tranquil and smoothly adds an unmistakable edge to your space. Enhancing lighting that supplements your furniture or the shades around put forth a striking style expression that can without much of a stretch give lighting & liveliness to any moderate stylistic theme accent. Offering your home uncluttered completion & totally entrancing highlights, present day Lights accompany umpteen extraordinary choices for you to have your pick! Your rooms’ need a makeover, as well as requests rectified lighting. Offering a variety of shower bars & present day shower lighting apparatuses, the modern lights offered by stores, change your exhausting shower spaces to charming private spaces, above all else well-suited lighting right adjacent to the mirror is an absolute necessity for your powder room. Completely intended to bring home supplements & acclaim, these cutting edge lights pull in consideration!

ET2 Lighting – Offering Ground Breaking Contemporary Lighting Fixtures!

While the floor space may be restricted, there’s dependably space for enrichment on the walls. An incredible approach to include some diverse surface, shading and warmth to your plain backgrounds, pick an originator lighting component online to begin, for extreme liberality. A classic appeal and the delightful advance draw out an object from olden times claim filling the double need of utility & magnificence. ET2 Contemporary Lighting is a standout amongst the most imaginative and ground breaking contemporary lines of lighting available. The installations offered by ET2 are all extremely contemporary, and the greater part of them joins cutting edge precise lines. Illuminating any unsung specialty or corner of your home, these lights are dependably a perfect stylistic layout component with utility. Floor lights come in diverse statures, hues and shapes for an exceedingly intriguing look. Much in vogue, the cutting edge lighting admirably brightens up any space. Restless, up-to-date and a genuine enjoyment to your faculties, elite lighting stores convey to you the best of advanced lights, from contemporary to transitional; these selective lighting apparatuses locate an immaculate place in today’s outlandish homes!

ET2 Lighting – Offering Ground Breaking Contemporary Lighting Fixtures!

High in Style

The urban lighting from ET2 settles as a perfect decision for present day, modish home. Regardless of their high style and extraordinary meticulousness, these lighting fixtures are simply outstanding! Clean out the standard as you convey life to each side of your home; decorate your home with lights, candles and other advanced lights that let your home say a lot about your imaginative & aesthetic decision. Go ahead with an ultra-modern choice & cutting edge lighting shopping online and pick the choicest of components with an eye for point of interest and keeping the look you need to give your home & its interiors at the top of the priority list. Spruce up your home with the exceptional & lovely discussion pieces or lights, lamps, flame holders and storms, that tops off an already good thing; offering a delightful obsolescent look mixed with a contemporary touch up. Draw off an easygoing issue, as you pick from our collectible current pieces & consideration grabbers for extravagance propelled homes!

Brighten up all dull corners

ET2 has made sense of a clean path in which to outline and produce astounding, awesome looking contemporary lighting installations at an extremely moderate value. With these lighting accessories, you are pretty sure to love the home you have. Enjoying the sheer pleasure of living in a beautifully lit house is exciting and totally captivating. Adorning your insides, from foyer to the main restroom, present day stores have recently the ideal lighting apparatus for your dwelling place. Emphasizing on the bare walls or any empty corners of your house, for that matter, these modish lighting accessories, work in order to add a shimmering effect to all the dull corners. Enlightening lives, these advantageous cutting edge lights patch up you living universe with gobs of style & panache. The stellar present day light accumulation requests an extravagance seating & attentive setting, mixing perfectly with your insides & style to offer a component of undying class. Remember the shading plans, compositions, designs, completes et al to rightly put the lighting apparatuses making a continuing impression.

Warm & inviting lights

Impartial foundations look completely amazing when decked-up with white lights, white roof lights on whites fill in as a stunning element. Orchestrate the lighting apparatuses with your interior decor to give a warm & inviting offer. A table lamp (www.ehow.com/how_5661975_choose-correct-size-table-lamp.html) is only the thing you have to add to your bed sides, which helps you make a lovely ensemble that congruously streams in the feel around. Creating a pleasurable ambiance, weather you want to cuddle with your favorite novel or just watch a romantic flick, all you need is a soft light right on your bed. Enabling you to enjoy the soft lighting as well as blending in well with the aura around, these ultimate lighting fixtures are a must have for modish homes with innovative design & layout. In a fascinating approach to deck up the lobby or the corridor method for your home, you can put these floor lights either close to the stairs outside or simply close to the entryway. The excellent contemporary floor lights from ET2 Lighting, wonder about the excellence of your home and your style decisions. This likewise makes an extraordinary look when seen from a remote place, the little base expends less space, and however the floor lights have an incredible effect. Essentially, a genuinely intriguing approach to utilize floor lights as stylistic layout things is to utilize them as an accent piece at a corner in your front room.

Gorgeous Chandeliers of Various Sizes by Minka Lavery

Have you ever walked into a room and felt very uncomfortable and uneasy? Sometimes, improper lighting can result in an unreceptive and cold ambience. Even if a room is impeccable and decorated in the most pleasing way, it will still not be appreciated in its full glory if the illumination is not appropriate. A chandelier plays a very crucial role in your lighting arrangement. It not only acts as the main light fitting but is also the focal point and a major decorative piece in the room. Chandeliers are available in various sizes and color in traditional or contemporary style by leading manufacturers like Troy Lighting, Norwell Lighting, Hubbardton Forge, Framburg Lighting, Holtkotter Lighting, but Minka Lavery has the best to offer.

Minka Lavery is the industry leader in the field of creative chandeliers. Their catalogue is filled with products that are a perfect example of outstanding craftsmanship and exceptional quality. Here are some of the reasons why you should select Minka Lavery for your lighting requirements:

•  You can find their products at almost all lighting stores, as they have retail partnership with over 2000 lighting showrooms.

•  They offer a diverse range of products, ranging from chandeliers and outdoor wall sconces to lamps, wall art and mirrors.

•  Their fittings are made with variety of materials and in various finishes like brass, aluminum, wrought iron, resin and wood.

•  You can be sure that your purchase will reach you anywhere in the United States within three days as Minka Lavery’s distribution centers are spread all across the country.

Chandeliers are usually mounted in living area, dining room, foyer and sometimes even in bedrooms. Each room has different lighting requirements; hence different kinds of chandeliers will suit each room. Here are some tips that will help you select the correct chandelier for your house:

Gorgeous Chandeliers of Various Sizes by Minka Lavery

1.  Living Room

Your living area is the place where you have parties, entertain guests and spend most of your time. Hence, it is important that the fixture mounted here should be of perfect size and is installed in the very center of the room. One golden rule for finding perfect proportions for getting chandeliers for any room is to get a fitting that is 2.5 to 3 inches wide for every foot of the height of the room. For example, if your room is 10 feet high, get a fixture which is 25 inches to 30 inches wide. Another method is to sum up the breadth and length of the room to get the diameter of the fitting in inches. However, sometimes you have a large living room but its ceiling is too low, in that case it is sensible to install two chandeliers in the area.

2.  Dining Room

Your dining room should provide proper illumination necessary for eating your food. But how can you determine the apt amount of brightness needed in the room? Just follow a simple formula; multiply the area of your dining room with 1.5 to know the approximate watts needed. If you want to achieve a more intense glow, then opt for fluorescent lights and to get cozier ambience for private dinners, you can install a dimmer with your fitting.

While getting a dining room chandelier, make sure that the width of your chosen fixture is less than half the length of the dining table and it is installed at least thirty inches above the table, to avoid casting unwanted shadows on your guests.  The shape of the fixture should also match with the table’s shape. For example, buy a globular Thorndale Chandelier for a round table and a linear Edison fixture for a rectangular table.

3.  Foyer

You can choose between flush, semi-flush, or multi-tiered chandeliers for your foyer. Just make sure that the base of your fixture is at least seven feet above the floor. If you have a two storied foyer with a window above the front door, then install your fitting in a manner that it is visible from outside.

4.  Bedroom

You can make a bold statement by mounting an elegant mini chandelier in your bedroom. These mini chandeliers have become the latest trend in the lighting industry and can replace table lamps in any area.

Chandeliers are an epitome of style and warmth. They are not only the most prominent source of light in an area but also help create a dramatic ambience. So, go ahead and buy some beautiful Minka Lavery chandeliers in various sizes and mount them in different rooms of your house!

Traditionally Crafted Outdoor Hanging Light Fixtures by Northeast Lantern

There was a time when landscape lights was the most ignored areas in the lighting scheme, but nowadays with a majority of architects and interior decorators recognizing its importance, there has been a vast increase in the styles of outdoor light fixtures available in the market.

And when it is lantern light fittings we are talking about, the leading name in the lighting world is Northeast Lantern. Founded by a young craftsman, Skip Heal in 1987, Northeast Lantern is now the foremost maker of light fixtures and employs more than thirty extremely skilled craftsmen. Their catalogue consists of a wide variety of options in outdoor lighting (lighting.about.com/od/Lighting-by-Location/tp/Top-10-Tips-for-Safe-Outdoor-Lighting.htm) and therefore, selecting perfect fixtures for your house can be a bit challenging. Here are a few factors that you should consider before selecting the fittings for your home:

1.  Size

Size of your outdoor fixtures is the most crucial factor while selecting your fittings. You must have noticed how you often pick small fittings for your home exteriors by mistake. This is because in showrooms, the light fittings look double of what they will appear when you will mount them outside your house and see them from across the street. Therefore, it would be best if you select a size that is bigger than what seems right to you.

Also, the lights on your front door should be the largest and the fanciest fittings in the exteriors. If you are mounting a single fixture, then ensure that is one-third the height of the door and if you are putting two fittings, then get the ones that are one-fourth the door’s height.

2.  Installation

All wall mounted outdoor fixtures should be installed slightly above the eye level. A general rule is to mount them 66 inches above the door sill for doors with regular height. However, if you have a larger than average door, then install them a little higher.

3.  Amount of Light

As a rule of the thumb, you must use have 60-75 watts of incandescent light or 20 watts of CFL per fitting for your landscape light fixtures.  This is because mounting brighter lights can result in unwanted glare. You can also install timers and motion sensors with your light fittings to save electricity consumption.

Traditionally Crafted Outdoor Hanging Light Fixtures by Northeast Lantern

Your landscape lighting should complement the major structural elements in your house. You can also highlight any interesting element in your outdoors by placing extra lights near it. Here are some tips that will help you place these fittings properly:

•  Lighting your exteriors in not very tricky; just take a walk around your yard in the night and identify the areas that are dark and gloomy.

•  Make sure your entryway is well-illuminated and makes your house appear welcoming and secure.

•  Ideally, you should place two identical light fittings at the entrance, one on the either side of the door. However, if you prefer mounting a single big fitting, then do it on the same side as the doorknob to avoid causing unnecessary shadow on guests while opening the door.

•  Coordinate your garage lights with the front door fittings. It is always advisable to buy the same pattern in smaller size.

•  If the light from the front door does not illuminate your driveway, then you can place a post lantern as well.

•  Mount some onion lights using pier mounts to light up your deck area.

•  You can create moonlight effect by using blue tinted lights in your garden area.

Northeast Lantern offers a wide range of outdoor light fixtures to suit every need. However, if you still cannot find the style that seems perfect for your house, then you can always opt for their custom pieces. In fact, over 20% of the lanterns they produce are customized according to the customer needs. They offer various options like Raw, Antique, Dark Antique and Dark Brass and Copper in finishes. There are numerous choices in glass globes, as well. You can select between Seedy, Optic Seedy, Clear Glass, Clear Optic, Nautical Clear, Frosted Glass, Nautical Frosted, Nautical Clear Seedy, Nautical Red and Nautical Green. With such a huge variety of options available, you can get any piece you desire! So, go ahead and get some traditionally crafted hanging light fixtures from Northeast Lantern and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your landscaping!