Three Essential Lighting Fixtures Found in Most Lighting Stores

Interior design has almost become a parallel art form these days, and any such décor remains significantly incomplete without proper lighting. The innovation surrounding lighting fixtures has also been manifold and fixtures of diverse types, formats and patterns have evolved over time. The lighting fixtures, apart from their functional efficacy add up to the aesthetic prudence of the room. Though there are several types of lighting fixtures found in one lighting store, the most popular three out of them are – Ambient, Task and Accent Lighting. These three will invariably be present in any lighting stores and the detail vitalities of them are as follows.


As the name suggests, these types of lighting fixtures are meant for the entire room and they provide a homogeneous, uniformly spread bright lighting throughout the area. The ambient lighting comes with a whole range of spatial solutions that can be ceiling mounting or wall sconces or floor lamps. These fixtures put in place altogether can set up a holistic lighting for the ambience throughout. Apart from positioning of lights the fixtures can be of different shapes, diverse design patterns and multiple styles. But ambience lighting though provides a widespread equal brightness; it fails to provide intense focus to one concentrated area if required.


As the name suggests these lights are useful to provide concentrated lighting to a place of action. These lights are useful for works like reading or writing or doing make up. These lightings do not work as a holistic solution, but can very well become an energy saver if the exact places that require illumination are known beforehand. Many offices use this type of task lighting solutions that reduces the scope of using many lights at one time and enhances concentration in the user by providing a much focused lighting. The fixtures for task lighting come in different designer patterns and provide diverse options such as Xenon, fluorescent and LED sources.


Illumination and highlighting both are functional requirements that are fulfilled by the use of ambience lighting and task lighting. Apart from these two there are requirements which can be achieved only through a proper combination of both. Neither too much brightness nor excessive focus is the situational requirement, where accent lighting ( comes into play. Another vital part of this type of lighting is that it comes with both indoor and outdoor fixtures. They can be used to highlight valuable art displays like painting and jewelry. Mini accent lamps also help in designing and illuminating pathways, corridors, staircases etc.

These three lighting patterns are a must as far as overall lighting is concerned and any lighting store that wishes to become collectively exhaustive must have these products at their store. But an optimal result can only be achieved with a proper combined usage of these three products. For illuminating a room ambient lighting is the best option, though it can be complemented by task lighting at places like mirror front or study table. Task lighting finds exact use in offices and educational institutions where creating a focused mood is a priority. Accent lighting is mostly used in hotels, galleries or at places of exhibition where the focus of task lighting becomes excessively intense and the widespread ambience light dilutes the environment with too much of brightness.

But, the success of these lightings depends finally upon the understandings of the designers and their sensibilities. None of the lighting fixtures will produce their desired result if there is a misunderstanding on the functionality of a light.