Traditionally Crafted Outdoor Hanging Light Fixtures by Northeast Lantern

There was a time when landscape lights was the most ignored areas in the lighting scheme, but nowadays with a majority of architects and interior decorators recognizing its importance, there has been a vast increase in the styles of outdoor light fixtures available in the market.

And when it is lantern light fittings we are talking about, the leading name in the lighting world is Northeast Lantern. Founded by a young craftsman, Skip Heal in 1987, Northeast Lantern is now the foremost maker of light fixtures and employs more than thirty extremely skilled craftsmen. Their catalogue consists of a wide variety of options in outdoor lighting ( and therefore, selecting perfect fixtures for your house can be a bit challenging. Here are a few factors that you should consider before selecting the fittings for your home:

1.  Size

Size of your outdoor fixtures is the most crucial factor while selecting your fittings. You must have noticed how you often pick small fittings for your home exteriors by mistake. This is because in showrooms, the light fittings look double of what they will appear when you will mount them outside your house and see them from across the street. Therefore, it would be best if you select a size that is bigger than what seems right to you.

Also, the lights on your front door should be the largest and the fanciest fittings in the exteriors. If you are mounting a single fixture, then ensure that is one-third the height of the door and if you are putting two fittings, then get the ones that are one-fourth the door’s height.

2.  Installation

All wall mounted outdoor fixtures should be installed slightly above the eye level. A general rule is to mount them 66 inches above the door sill for doors with regular height. However, if you have a larger than average door, then install them a little higher.

3.  Amount of Light

As a rule of the thumb, you must use have 60-75 watts of incandescent light or 20 watts of CFL per fitting for your landscape light fixtures.  This is because mounting brighter lights can result in unwanted glare. You can also install timers and motion sensors with your light fittings to save electricity consumption.

Traditionally Crafted Outdoor Hanging Light Fixtures by Northeast Lantern

Your landscape lighting should complement the major structural elements in your house. You can also highlight any interesting element in your outdoors by placing extra lights near it. Here are some tips that will help you place these fittings properly:

•  Lighting your exteriors in not very tricky; just take a walk around your yard in the night and identify the areas that are dark and gloomy.

•  Make sure your entryway is well-illuminated and makes your house appear welcoming and secure.

•  Ideally, you should place two identical light fittings at the entrance, one on the either side of the door. However, if you prefer mounting a single big fitting, then do it on the same side as the doorknob to avoid causing unnecessary shadow on guests while opening the door.

•  Coordinate your garage lights with the front door fittings. It is always advisable to buy the same pattern in smaller size.

•  If the light from the front door does not illuminate your driveway, then you can place a post lantern as well.

•  Mount some onion lights using pier mounts to light up your deck area.

•  You can create moonlight effect by using blue tinted lights in your garden area.

Northeast Lantern offers a wide range of outdoor light fixtures to suit every need. However, if you still cannot find the style that seems perfect for your house, then you can always opt for their custom pieces. In fact, over 20% of the lanterns they produce are customized according to the customer needs. They offer various options like Raw, Antique, Dark Antique and Dark Brass and Copper in finishes. There are numerous choices in glass globes, as well. You can select between Seedy, Optic Seedy, Clear Glass, Clear Optic, Nautical Clear, Frosted Glass, Nautical Frosted, Nautical Clear Seedy, Nautical Red and Nautical Green. With such a huge variety of options available, you can get any piece you desire! So, go ahead and get some traditionally crafted hanging light fixtures from Northeast Lantern and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your landscaping!