Troy Lighting Sconces: Two-Light Edition

Two-light or twin-light sconces from Troy Lighting are available in plenty with different shapes, sizes, styles, colors, designs, patterns and draws inspiration from varied eras and concepts. These wall sconces are to be mounted on walls in living rooms, or even in the entryway of a house, these can also be fitted on bathroom walls to create a relaxed ambiance and provide sufficient light at the same time. The light fixture can be installed outdoors as well either in the front yard or backyard. With a good warranty and easy installation setup, Troy Lighting sconces should be a part of your home lighting solutions.


This two-light dramatic sconce from Troy Lighting features two separate lamps of white pearl glass and bronze rims on the top and bottom with a bronze spherical plate(cymbal) at the back.  The hand-forged iron metalwork is constructed in such a way that when the two 40W candelabra bulbs are switched on, the bronze cymbal glistens. Available in only one finish, Bronze Leaf with Umbria Bronze, the Cymbal is truly an exquisite wall light that will fit in any home creating a wonderful natural charm.

Pike Place:

Are you a lover of seas or ships? Then, this sconce from Troy Lighting will be perfect in adding that seafaring touch in your home. Pike Place is a nautical inspired twin-light fixture that combines form and function. Coming in a finish of Shipyard Bronze, three lengths of real maritime Manila rope suspending a hand-forged iron arm holding the 60W candelabra base Edison bulbs that is in turn attached to a metal back plate. Perfect for indoors, this old town sconce reminds us of an old classic story.

Village Tavern:

This industrial-inspired light fixture is the perfect choice if you are looking for antique piece to hang on your wall. With an Old Tavern Iron finish, the sconce appears to be a curved hand-worked iron framework covering the two 60W candelabra bulbs. Compliant in both indoor and outdoor settings, the periodic piece is sure to give a rawer vibe to any room when mounted on the walls. This kind of sconce helps in ambient lighting as well.


The European styled wall sconce serves as a fitting addition is rustic and country styled homes. With a hand-forged iron frame, the regal fixture from Troy Lighting showcases two separate 60W candelabra bulbs hidden behind a French hardback shade. Created with a Weathered Iron finish, it serves as both a wall sconce and a style statement making any room more elegant.

La Brea:

One can surely expect an interesting twin light fixture from Troy Lighting when it has such a peculiar name and one will find La Brea much more than just a usual wall sconce. The simple yet sophisticated French-inspired La Brea is a classic piece made with a French Iron finish and hand-worked wrought iron metalwork.  The 60W candelabra bulbs are apart covered in hardback linen shade that resembles minute night lamps that one usually places near the bed. Dining rooms will be adorned with this variant and it can be used for both ambient and task lighting and will be a great addition in the foyer/ entryway providing warm light.


A bathroom sconce should add a little glitz and glamour to the space and that is what the Jensen from Troy Lighting exactly does. This pristine twin-light fixture can have its 50W xenon halogen bulbs arranged horizontally or vertically on its hard-worked wrought iron back plate. This will be perfect when the horizontal variant is placed just above the mirror or a pair of the vertical ones are fitted on either side of the mirror. Squared clear glass surrounds the mild illumination that is apt for bathroom settings providing sift light and enhancing the calming effect.

Now that you are aware of how useful and beautiful two-light wall sconces from Troy Lighting can be, it is time that you go and check them out. There are numerous collections featuring two-light fixtures and you will be able to find the fitting one per your requirements and home setting. An easy way of buying wall sconces from Troy Lighting is to go buy them online through convenient methods.  Online lighting stores feature all the collections, provide exact information and display images of the original products, have great deals and free shipping.