What Makes Troy Lighting Fixtures So Special

How your house appears before your guests, neighbors and relatives has much to do with the kind of light fixtures you have used in your home. But many times this important element is overlooked in décor planning. Luckily, in past few decades, interior designers have realized the importance of lighting and this has resulted in enormous growth in the lighting industry. But the problem is growth does not guarantee quality. However, with Troy Lighting you no longer have to worry about this because this company is known for delivering quality. With great market standing, Troy has been delivering flattering designs with great quality. And when you want this combination of quality and style, you can trust nobody more than Troy Lighting.

What Makes Troy Lighting Fixtures So Special

Why Troy Lighting

Based in California, Troy Lighting is a preferred brand name in the industry of outdoor and indoor light fixtures. They manufacture fittings that are a perfect blend of quality, design and value. Their catalogue comprises of a wide range of light fittings in all types, ranges and styles of products. And this has helped them in becoming the leaders of interior lighting world in both private and commercial spheres.

In fact, since its inception in 1963, Troy Lighting has come a very long way. They have widened their scope to almost every kind of lighting accessory including wall scones, pendants, chandeliers, floor lamps, ceiling fixtures and bath sconces, in their interior products range. On the other hand, there are exterior hanging lights, post fixtures, post and pier mounts and lantern in their outdoor range of products.

With passing years, innovation has been their prime focus. They manufacture every fitting with utmost care and supervision. These innovative designing ideas when combined with technical intervention are bound to deliver the best. And that is the reason why big lighting brands such as Arroyo Craftsman, Norwell Lighting, Northeast Lantern and Troy Lighting invest in a special team of artists that take care of the designing aspect.

Another interesting range of Troy Lightings is their nature friendly series, called Troy Environment Series (ES). ES is designed smartly to utilize Mother Nature’s treasures effectively and make sustainable development a realizable goal. This range combines the exquisite design of hand crafted lanterns with fluorescent, energy star and dark sky compliant options. Another green feature is the motion sensors element in certain light fixtures, so your fitting turns on only when you are around. This helps save electricity and economize on the power consumption.

Troy Lighting has also gained critical acclaim and various magazines, internet portals have published articles praising the amazing characteristics of Troy Lighting. Some of the popular media names that have mentioned the company include New England Home, Design NJ, HFN, enLIGHTenment, San Diego Home & Garden and Traditional Home. In fact, Internet is also flooded with numerous positive customer reviews praising the finishing and aesthetic appeal of Troy Lighting.

Lighting is a necessary element in the house but deciding what kind of fixture should be installed in which area is not necessarily an easy decision. You need to have a little knowledge about various kind of bulbs, amount of illumination and size of fixture you need for a particular room. Here are some tips that will help you make the right decision:

•  For the Dining Hall

A dining room should have a small fixture like F3805 Bistro from Troy Lighting or Berkeley from Arroyo Craftsman, and it must be placed right above the dining table. The fitting should provide bright illumination and should not cause any shadows. You can also mount a small chandeliers in the hallway to welcome the guests and create an inviting atmosphere.

•  For the Bedroom

Since your bedroom requires ambient lighting you can use a dimmer with the main light fitting to reduce the amount of illumination when required. Also, you must add wardrobe lights and table lamps in the bedroom illumination scheme to improve its aesthetics as well as for function reasons.

•  For the Outdoor Area

It is essential that driveways, garage, patio and garden area are well-illuminated. This is not only must for practical reasons but is also vital to beautify your home and make it look warm and inviting from outside.
With the above tips at hand, you can now choose amongst the diverse range and innovative designs of Troy Lighting and buy perfect fixtures to illuminate your home.