You will Love Seagull Lighting’s Vast Collection

Seagull Lighting is famous for having a wide range of energy-efficient lighting products. The firm has embraced energy efficiency with dedicated Energy Star compliant models in all its categories. With homeowners and businesses growing ever conscious about their responsibility to the environment, coupled with rising utility bills year-on-year, Seagull Lighting’s fixtures which use power efficiently are seeing a lot of interest. Seagull Lighting has won six Energy Star Partner of the Year awards, thanks to its strong focus on improving energy efficiency. The firm, founded in 1919 by a craftsman and run for decades by a family team, embraces different design philosophies for its products, so the range has a mix of contemporary, minimalistic and retro-style designs. Buyers can easily pick and choose from Seagull light collection depending on their decor theme and preferred color finishes. Let’s find out about the exciting products on offer for buyers from the firm:

You will Love Seagull Lighting’s Vast Collection

Chandeliers and Pendant Lights

Seagull Lighting’s hanging fixtures range from single light hallway pendants to eighteen-light traditional chandeliers. Some of the popular pendant ranges are Bretton House, Manor Hall, Rialto, Sebring and Sussex. Customers can choose from single light and multiple-light models going all the way up to eight lights. The fixtures are compatible with incandescent bulbs, CFLs and LEDs. The Seagull lighting chandeliers range starts from three-light and four-light models with the largest chandelier being the three tier fifteen light traditional chandelier. The chandeliers are available in a wide variety of materials like wrought iron, nickel finish, chrome and polished brass. Arcadia, Metropolis and Highland chandeliers are very popular for their elegant design. While pendant lights are great for lighting up cozy niches and small dining areas, small chandeliers act as an attention catcher in manor house dining rooms, ball rooms and large atria.

Flush and Semi-Flush Ceiling-mounted Fixtures

Ceiling-mounted fixtures are suited for rooms with low ceilings, semi enclosed patios and hallways. They are more functional and take up less space than suspended lights. Seagull Lighting offers both flush ceiling-mounted lights and semi-flush ceiling mounted fixtures in single light and multiple light options. The model ranges include both traditional and modern designs, and buyers can choose from incandescent lamp fixtures and LED fixtures. Seagull Lighting also offers track lighting in two-light, three-light and four-light options. Track Lighting is a hybrid of suspended and flush lighting fixtures offering sport or diffused lighting. It can be used for lighting up artwork as well as for accent lighting in restaurants, art galleries and museums.

Outdoor Fixtures

Seagull Lighting offers pendants, wall lanterns, ceiling-mounted fixtures and post-mounted lights specially designed for harsh outdoor conditions. The company has taken influence from Colonial style decor, Stable Lights and Mission Revival decor for its outdoor pieces like Prairie, Bancroft and Cape May. The fixtures are available in a variety of finishes with several glass options ranging from clear to streaky and clouded. The post-mounted lights show a heavy influence of old gaslights which used to be common in Europe in the 19th century before the use of electricity became widespread. The fixtures are specially designed for outside use, with corrosion free materials and flake-free powder coated colors.

Wall and Bath Sconces

Wall sconces serve both a functional and aesthetic function in home decor. They are useful for area lighting, and also serve to diffuse the monotony of a large stretch of wall. Bath sconces are used for area lighting and task lighting ( Seagull Lighting has a wide range wall and bath sconces in single- light and multiple-light options, with up to six-light models on offer. The fixtures can be purchased in a variety of finishes, with most models accepting LED lamps as well as incandescent bulbs and LEDs.

Seagull Lighting’s extensive product range ensures that buyers don’t have to cast their net too wide looking for the right pieces to decorate their new homes. With newer designs coming out often, there is always something fresh and exciting from the firm.